clean out lungs smokingSo you’ve had your last cigarette, and you now consider yourself on the road to good health.  But is this a reality, or just an idea in your own mind?  Is just quitting smoking cigarettes enough?  I’m afraid to say, definitely not!  Sure you might not be pumping more toxins into your belaboured lungs, but what about the toxins and muck that are already in there?  Will they stop harming you because you are no long sucking on the cancer sticks?  Sorry, but no.  You MUST clean out your lungs after smoking, just as quickly as you can, if you REALLY want to improve your health.

What goes in must come out for you to be healthy again, and the main way it can is by coughing up the tar and mucus clogging your lungs.  This will begin almost immediately after your last cigarette, and could go on for months to years.  To get this frankly icky and disturbing phase of cleaning up your lungs over with as soon as possible.  With a proper regime of exercises, detoxification foods, vitamin supplaments and stress reduction techniques, the time it takes to clean all the toxic gunk in your lungs can be reduced from up to 10 years (yes count ‘em, TEN years!) to as little as a month or so.  Quite the reduction, I’m sure you’d agree.

Cleaning out your lungs after smoking requires a bit of help from your immune system, that part of your body that defends it against diseases and other invaders.  The immune system also has a role in cleaning and clearing the lungs of toxins and tar, and surprisingly, some recent ex-smokers report an increase in lung infections after quitting.  This is in fact due to the tar blocking the immune systems access to the lung sacs, and in the age-old adage of ‘if you don’t use it, you’ll loose it,’ the immune system slows markedly in these areas.  It takes a little while for it to get going again, once that mucus and tar starts to clear, so any good lung detox program will include supplements and food suggestions to boost your vital immune function.

So if you take anything away from what you read here today, remember this: you want that Tar and mucus out of your lungs – fast – to improve their function, and you want to boost your immune system as you do it.  A well designed program to clean out your lungs after smoking should do both, and much more.