Cleaning Out Lungs After Smoking

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clean out lungs smokingSo you’ve had your last cigarette, and you now consider yourself on the road to good health.  But is this a reality, or just an idea in your own mind?  Is just quitting smoking cigarettes enough?  I’m afraid to say, definitely not!  Sure you might not be pumping more toxins into your belaboured lungs, but what about the toxins and muck that are already in there?  Will they stop harming you because you are no long sucking on the cancer sticks?  Sorry, but no.  You MUST clean out your lungs after smoking, just as quickly as you can, if you REALLY want to improve your health.

What goes in must come out for you to be healthy again, and the main way it can is by coughing up the tar and mucus clogging your lungs.  This will begin almost immediately after your last cigarette, and could go on for months to years.  To get this frankly icky and disturbing phase of cleaning up your lungs over with as soon as possible.  With a proper regime of exercises, detoxification foods, vitamin supplaments and stress reduction techniques, the time it takes to clean all the toxic gunk in your lungs can be reduced from up to 10 years (yes count ‘em, TEN years!) to as little as a month or so.  Quite the reduction, I’m sure you’d agree.

Cleaning out your lungs after smoking requires a bit of help from your immune system, that part of your body that defends it against diseases and other invaders.  The immune system also has a role in cleaning and clearing the lungs of toxins and tar, and surprisingly, some recent ex-smokers report an increase in lung infections after quitting.  This is in fact due to the tar blocking the immune systems access to the lung sacs, and in the age-old adage of ‘if you don’t use it, you’ll loose it,’ the immune system slows markedly in these areas.  It takes a little while for it to get going again, once that mucus and tar starts to clear, so any good lung detox program will include supplements and food suggestions to boost your vital immune function.

So if you take anything away from what you read here today, remember this: you want that Tar and mucus out of your lungs – fast – to improve their function, and you want to boost your immune system as you do it.  A well designed program to clean out your lungs after smoking should do both, and much more.


Staying Quit Once You Stop Smoking

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quitting smoking and staying quitIt’s always the worry when you’ve quit smoking, isn’t it?  When times get tough, you might weaken and start smoking again.  It’s always there, playing in the back of your mind, which is why you need to take control of your mind, recognise when you might be getting into the danger zone, and be ready to do something about it.

So what I mean by the ‘danger zone’ is any situation, be it within your body or mind, or in your surroundings, that increase your desire to break your oath of becoming and staying healthy.  Exhaustion, stress, lack of sleep all fall into this category.  When you are far from your best, the siren call of the cigarette gets stronger.  So, don’t try to do too much, realise that your health is more important that making that sales percentage that just keeps rising every year, and give yourself enough time to sleep, eat healthily, and exercise at least three times a week.  You may actually find that in doing this successfully, your productivity will improve because you can think more clearly and take less time to complete tasks.  Who would have thought that by resting and taking time away from the stress of work, you can actually do your job better?  Worth a try, I say!

Then there are the times and places that your brain associates with smoking, and they can be quite dangerous if you don’t understand how they work and what’s coming.  Your brain can actually expect you to smoke when you are in one of these locations, such as at a bar with your friends, or in your favourite chair, or on your balcony.  When it does this, it actually changes your brain chemistry to get ready for the dose of nicotine, the addictive substance in cigarettes.  This can make you feel lousy, and break your resolve not to smoke again.  However, once you understand that this can happen, and are ready for it, this feeling soon passes, and you CAN stay QUIT.  Knowledge is power, after all.

But there are things outside your control that you have to deal with on regular occasions, such as stress from the daily commute, what the boss dumps on you, the bills, and pushy, demanding people.  However, if you realise and understand that you control your reactions to these people and situations, then the old saying becomes true:  “…A disaster on your part does not automatically mean stress on mine…”  Something to consider…

What is Tar And How Does It Damage The Lungs?

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how tar effects your lungsTar.  You hear the word bandied around a lot, from quit smoking campaigns to doctors offices, but there are a lot of people who just have no idea what it is.  Tar is an combination of mucus, produced by the lungs in reaction to the irritation of cigarette smoke, and constituents of that cigarette smoke; many poisons, toxins and carcinogens (chemicals that cause cancer).  But there is much more to it than that.

Tar can contain upwards of 4000 chemicals, many of which, in higher quantities than you get in cigarette smoke, are outright poisons.  They are something that you really, REALLY don’t want in your lungs, and from there they sneak out to damage the rest of your body, too. This is how tar damages your lungs

Some of the worst cigarette chemicals include:

  • Acetone – the solvent in nail polish remover.  Creates that sharp smell that we know well from the nail salons.
  • Ammonia – this one is used in toilet cleaner.  It is highly irritating.
  • Arsenic – a highly effective poison when used on mammals, and a regular in rat poison.
  • Benzine – we use this as a petrol additive. It can cause effects from headaches and dizziness all the way up to unconsciousness.
  • Carbon monoxide – a poison most often associated with car exhaust fumes.
  • Hydrogen cyanide – a poison strongly associated with the gas chambers in the second world war.

All of these and more are in every puff of a cigarette, and if they were in just slightly higher quantities, you’d be dead already.  But you’re not, and to stay that way, you want to get this muck out of your lungs – fast!  Because every moment that it stays in there, it causes more damage.

This lung damage takes three main forms:

  • Chronic Bronchitis – a long-term inflammation of the airways that can lead to obstruction and scarring of the lung (bronchial) tubes, leading to asthma-like symptoms and more mucus production.  And yes, more of that ‘smokers cough.’
  • Emphysema – destruction of the lung sac walls, which in turn reduces surface area and hence lung efficiency.  This one is non-repairable with current medical knowledge, and anyone who has been smoking more than a few weeks is slowly developing it.  Be warned.
  • The dreaded Lung Cancers – there are actually multiple types of these, some worse than others, but it’s a simple fact that while that Tar is in your lungs, your chance of developing a lung cancer is MUCH higher than when all that Tar is gone.

So you really want to quit smoking ciagrette, keep off the cancer sticks, and clean out your lungs after smoking to minimise this damage – and start today.

Just How Dirty Are Your Lungs?

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how dirty are your lungs?Lungs work best when they are clean.  If, like the majority of people on the planet today, you live in a city that has heavy road transport, your lungs won’t be spotless.  Then if you add smoking on top of this, the situation is far more dire. So just how dirty are your lungs then?

Last year I saw a travelling exhabition showing the insides of many animals, originating from China.  Having a long time interest in biology, I was, in equal parts, curious and repelled by the plasticised corpses.  Not the least of which was the human specimens.  There were head-to-toe sections of a man and a woman, cut only 1/16 of an inch (3mm) think, so that light could pass through, and you could see the details.  The thing that my eyes were immediately drawn to were the condition of the lungs in these two specimens.  The woman, who, according to the description, had lived in a big city all her life, had black spots through her lungs.  After a bit of research (later on), I discovered that this is quite normal.  Even non-smokers don’t have totally clean lungs.  However, it was when I turned to the section through the lungs of the man that I took a deep breath.  His lungs were A MESS.  Black, shrivelled tissue within the lungs themselves, with whole sections MISSING (due to Emphysema).  The description said he was a regular, heavy smoker, and I had no reason to doubt it.

It really wasn’t pretty.

And I thought to myself; “Imagine if we could all see inside ourselves like this, see the damage that our choices wreaked upon our bodies.  Would we make the same choices then?”  I, for one, doubt it.

So here’s the thing; the longer you’ve been smoking, the more your lungs will resemble Mr Smoker in the description above.  Everyone who’s been smoking for more than a few weeks has begun to develop Emphysema.  With every cigarette the black muck which is Tar builds up in the lung sacs, and seeps into the lung tissues, poisoning the cells that make up your lungs and possibly inducing cancer.  Smoker’s cough is the lungs desperate attempt to get the Tar out of there, but it’s pretty useless while you continue to smoke, because the lung’s main cleaning mechanism, the small, hair-like structures on the internal walls of the lung tubes (brochioles) called cilia, are paralyzed by smoke.

So the Tar just sits in there, slowly poisoning you, the toxins seeping into your lung tissues, and then into the rest of your body.  It’s ironic that when you smoke a cigarette and ‘feel’ better, you’re actually killing yourself.  It just happens slowly.

So yes, if you’ve smoked any appreciable amount of time, your lungs are filthy with Tar.  Stop. Now.  Clean out your lungs after smoking with a good Lung Detoxification Program, and live a long and healthy life.  That’s what you need to do.  Period.